Lowongan IT Programmer Staff Fajar Baizury & Brothers (Exp: 26 Februari 2011)

January 26, 2011

Fajar Baizury Group which have stood since year of 1982 continuing the consistence apply the good management principles so that can succeed in running the healthy effort and through various the crisis knock over the Indonesia.

In line with his aspiration to be company agro best industry in Indonesia as according to Vision, Fajar Baizury Group continue to develop the business in area plantation of coconut sawit, coconut factory sawit and coconut freighter sawit.

IT Programmer Staff (ITP) (Jakarta Raya)

* Work with internal software development
* Handling maintenance of internal software that has been developed
* Create applications that can be used to assist the office routine jobs


* Male
* Maximum age 28 years
* Education minimum S1 or Computer Information Management System
* Have the ability in the field of programming with Visual Basic tools, Crystal Report, Delphi, and MySQL database programming
* Preferably Fresh Graduate.

For those of you who meet the above requirements please fill out a job application form which can be accessed at: http://www.fbg.co.id

Please send completed form that has been accompanied by a recent photograph to e-mail address below:

Cc recruitment@fbg.co.id melati@fbg.co.id

Hati-hati...! terhadap segala penipuan, jangan pernah mentransfer atau menyerahkan uang pada pihak manapu saat proses rekrutmen berlangsung

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